An untouched place right in the heart of the Alps

Sauris (Zahre in the ancient German-speaking dialect) are villages with ancient traditions immersed in the nature of the Carnic Alps. The place is located in a green valley with the beautiful Dolomite peaks dominating the skyline.  It is the highest area in Friuli Venezia Giulia and consists of three settlements: Sauris di Sotto, Sauris di Sopra and Lateis and the localities La Maina and Velt, which are located between 1000 and 1400 meters above by the sea.

You can reach Sauris from Ampezzo: by road, in some sections overhanging the creek of the same name or between engaging living rock tunnels.  You will easily realize that the area has lived in semi-isolation for centuries, enabling customs, language and architecture to persevere. It’s a winding road that is full of adrenaline at some points, but it’s a must if you finally want to get to heaven: extremely dense forests, alpine meadows dotted with “malghe” (shepherd’s huts) and a green lake that changes its colors according to the time of year.  Sauris immediately attracts its guests with its unspoilt beauty and peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

Distances for trips to the surroundings:

  • Forni di Sopra 40 km, 1 hour by car
  • Sappada 32 km, 1 hour by car
  • Ravascletto-Sutrio 40 km, 1 hour by car
  • Venice 200 km, 2.5 hours by car
  • Prosecco 140 km, 2 hours by car
  • Cortina d Ampezzo 80 km, 2 hours by car
  • Tre Cime Natural Park 70 km, 2 hours by car

Lake Sauris

The history of Lake Sauris dates back to the 1940s. In 1941, work began on hydroelectric power plants to build an impressive dam on the Lumiei River. The dam was inaugurated in 1948. The construction of the dam created an artificial basin and the lake currently holds more than 70 million m3 of water. Green Lake welcomes visitors on the way out of the last rocky tunnel, which truly characterizes the adventurous journey that connects Ampezzo with Sauris. You can also take a boat trip on the lake or go swimming.

Sauris di Sotto

This village is characterized mainly by traditional architecture, amazing views, untouched nature and endless opportunities for beautiful summer or winter holidays. Last but not least, great homemade ham and local cheeses complement the charm of this village.

Other activities in Sauris di Sotto: horse riding, canyoning, snowmobiling, tennis, volleyball and many other activities. In Sauris di Sotto you will find grocery stores, a drugstore, a pharmacy, a doctor, a souvenir shop, etc.

Sauris di Sopra

The village is characterized mainly by breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, traditional architecture, untouched nature and endless opportunities for beautiful summer or winter holidays. Last but not least, you will find a local brewery, a museum and a restaurant.

Zip line

From Mount Ruke over Lake Sauris you can fly about 2.5 km at an altitude of 300 meters. Take a flight over emptiness that’s full of adrenaline, adventure, breathtaking views, and many unforgettable emotions.

Professional staff are there to assist and accompany you on this adventure and advise you on the right equipment from shoes to harnesses, all of which you can rent there.  In Sauris di Sopra you will find several small shops and restaurants as well.

Info and reservation: Discover Sauris, Sauris di Sopra No. 3 / F, 33020 Sauris (UD). T: 00393287075327, E:


In winter, Sauris is an ideal destination for those who love skiing in peaceful surroundings. These sun-kissed slopes also use artificial snow. In Sauris di Sopra, right in the heart of a snowy village, you can take on either the red piste or the blue piste, which offer a ski lift and a magic carpet conveyor. The Sauris di Sotto blue ski slope offers night lighting and a ski lift. It is possible to rent equipment on site and take skiing lessons with instructors from the Scuola Italiana Maestri (Italian School of Ski Instructors). The “Plotze” cross-country ski trail is particularly suitable for beginners and stretches along the Sauris di Sopra on the snow-covered plain of the same name, behind which Mount Bivera stands tall.


There are endless possibilities on the snow: off-piste skiing is possible for most of the winter season. There are several areas dedicated to alpine skiing, such as those that can be covered with snowshoes or Nordic walking. Cross-country skating is possible at the Borgo di Velt sports center. For the most romantic of experiences, a horse-powered sleigh ride is absolutely necessary while hugging a loved one in this postcard-like scenario.


Ski lift Sauris di Sotto: starting height: 1212 m. – arrival height: 1300 m. – altitude difference: 118 m. – length: 621 m. (Blue slope)
Magic carpet conveyor belt in Sauris di Sopra: length 80 m. – height difference: 20 m.
Ski equipment: Domini Graziano – Sauris di Sopra Tel .: +39 328 7786923
Other larger ski resorts: Forni di Sopra 40 km-1 hour by car, Sappada 32 km-1 hour by car, Ravascletto-Sutrio 40 km-1 hour by car.

Wellness holidays are closely related to the mountains

Enjoy a wellness experience in the middle of the beauty of the mountains, in untouched nature. You will find this perfect combination of pure relaxation, health and well-being in Sauris! Indoor pool, Jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, aromatherapy showers, chromotherapy, beauty farm, massages.

Opening hours (Indoor pool, spa and gym):
High season: daily 10–22 hours. Out of season: Friday 15–20:00 / Saturday, Sunday: 10–22:00 / Monday 10–15:00.

Borgo dello Sport e del Benessere, Loc. Borgo Velt 33020 Sauris (UD). Mobile: +39 338 2964293/366 1128607. E-mail:

Summer hiking in the mountains

Sauris di Sotto is directly on one of the many hiking trails. The beautiful views of the Italian Alps will allure those who want to take larger or even smaller trips around the area. You can find recommended routes here.

Production and sale of cheeses

Malga Alta Carnia S.a.s. was founded as a company specializing in the maturing, aging and marketing of the typical Malga della Carnia cheese, whose production methods have remained unchanged for many centuries.

Malga is in fact the result of a combination of factors: Meadows lying at high altitudes (1500-1800 m). A clean, crystal clear, uncontaminated environment. Grass rich in properties that give milk the highest of quality nutrients. Milk that is processed without the use of pasteurization, while maintaining the unchanged enzymatic properties of raw milk. For these reasons, the same product that has been the primary food product for generations is still being achieved today. Malga Alta Carnia S.a.s. is one of the few Italian production companies that allows the cheese to ripen in the mountains and at an exact height of 1370 m. The point of sale in Sauris di Sotto offers the opportunity to taste the cheese before buying it. Open all year round with specific opening hours depending on the season.

Fraz. Sauris di Sotto, 33020 Sauris (UD) Tel .: +39 338 8918928- +39 339 7793274

Production and sale of smoked meats

A characteristic feature of Wolf products is certainly their “slight hint of smoke”: traditional beech wood smoking is done as in the past thanks to kilns from which the smoke, perfectly cooled and cleaned, passes to smokehouses where the meat hardens and is left for some time depending on experience and product type.

In the pleasant, well-stocked company shop you can buy the famous Prosciutto di Sauris P.G.I. (ham) and a range of other sausages bearing the Wolf brand, as well as various wine and food specialties typical of the Sauris and Carnic areas.

Sauris di Sotto 88
Tel.: 0433 86054

Production and sale of beer

Zahre Beer is a craft beer that embodies all the character of this unique territory. Purity and tradition make Zahre Beer an exceptional local beer that you simply must taste.

Sauris di Sopra (UD)
Tel e Fax: +39 0433 866314

Growing, production and sale of fruits and vegetables

Azienda Agricola Domini Albert has been operating in the small fruit and vegetable sector for about 30 years. The beginning of this business is linked to Mrs. Edith’s curiosity to try growing some strawberry plants after visiting a local plantation. Subsequently, the determination and passion of her whole family gave life to this business, which expanded and improved over time. Starting with the simple cultivation of strawberries and other small fruit varieties, as well as seasonal vegetables and cabbage (kraut), they also produce jams, fruit juices and syrups. The production activities include 25 closed, non-fixed greenhouses equipped with irrigation systems and a total area of ​​approximately 4,000 m2, all of which are immersed in greenery in the village of Lateis. The store connected to the production facilities is open in the summer, while in winter processed products can be purchased by phone.

Località Lateis, 19, 33020 Sauris (UD)
Tel.: +39 0433 86088 +39 329 4195850

Locanda Alla Pace Restaurant

Locanda Alla Pace Restaurant is located in a charming setting, where everything is a timeless gift and offers real hospitality to make you feel right at home. Housanda Alla Pace is housed in a magnificent building from 1804 and has been managed by the Schneider family since its first opening in the early 20th century. The restaurant is famous for its typical Sauris cuisine, which consists of simple, healthy dishes, enriched with a touch of originality that makes them especially refined and tasty. They rethink recipes from different Italian, Friulian and Austrian cultures that have mixed over the years. The restaurant regularly receives a prestigious mention in the Michelin Guide.


Fr. Sauris di Sotto, 92
Tel.: 0433.86010

Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum in Sauris was established to document the cultural characteristics of the Sauris / Zahre community.

Opening hours
SUMMER: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon and from 3 pm to 6 pm.
WINTER: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon and from 3 pm to 6 pm.

We recommend booking in advance by contacting either the Ethnographic Center (+39 0433-86262) or the Sauris Tourist Information Office (+39 0433-86076).


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